Local School Advisory Team

The Local School Advisory Team is a group of administrators, parents, teachers, support staff,
union representatives, community representatives, and students who are elected and/or appointed to
advise on matters of local school policy.

All community members are welcome to attend meetings as observers. Only elected/appointed members (below) of the committee have voting privileges. Minutes will be posted on the Wheatley website.

LSAT Members:

Busra Aydin, Co-Chair WTU Site Representative
Priscilla Keys, Co-Chair WTU Alternate Site Representative
Titus Cheng Teacher Representative
Jacqueline Wozniak Teacher Representative
Katina Bryant Teacher Representative
Michael Hutter Teacher Representative
Keisha McDonald President, Parent Representative 
Ebonee Bachman Parent Representative
Lauren Frazier Parent Representative
Basheen Bird Parent Representative
Tiana Venable Non-Instructional Staff Representative
Camileia Collier Community Representative